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1. How do dunny buddy® & Paperpod® work?

dunny buddy® and paperpod® act as a protective armour for your dunny roll and paper towel. It allows you to dispense the desired amount of paper needed without removing the roll, keeping it 5 star wherever you are®.

2. How do I replace my toilet roll or paper towel?

To replace your dunny roll or paper towel, simply lock the window in it's closed position & twist the end cap to the unlocked position to remove the roll. Insert new roll & cap & twist back to the locked position. Your good to go.

3. Where is dunny buddy® & paperpod® made?

dunny buddy® & paperpod® are made down under, on Aussie soil. They are 100% manufactured in Melbourne, Australia & are backed by Australian Made.

4. I understand dunny buddy® & paperpod® are Australian made but are they Australian owned?

Yes dunny buddy® is a 100% an Australian owned company.

5. What is the size & weight of dunny buddy® and paperpod®?

A dunny buddy® is 120mm in length by 120mm in depth & weighs 0.204grams whilst paperpod® is 235mm in length & 120mm in depth & weighs 0.332grams

6. What size rolls will fit in my dunny buddy® & paperpod®?

dunny buddy® will accommodate the majority of standard size dunny rolls with a max diameter of 11.5cm/4.5inch & a max width of 10cm/4inches. It is not compatible with double length rolls whilst paperpod® will accommodate the majority of stand size paper towel rolls with a max diameter of 11.5cm / 4.5inch & a max width of 20cm / 7.9inch. It is also not compatible with double length rolls.

7. Will jumbo size rolls fit in my dunny buddy® & paperpod®?

In order to keep dunny buddy® & paperpod® ergonomic, they only fit standard size rolls (refer to Question 6).

8. Is dunny buddy® & paperpod® waterproof?

dunny buddy® & paperpod® have not been IP Rated, but it is certainly very water resistant & will keep your paper dry in most instances.

9. How long will my dunny buddy® & paperpod® last?

With care & regular normal use dunny buddy® & paperpod® are designed to last for hundreds of adventures. Replacing the need to use plastic bags to carry your paper we're also helping our environment.

10. Is there a warranty on my dunny buddy® & paperpod®?

Yes there is! To the original purchaser, we provide a guarantee against craftsmanship & defects in materials. If your product fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace, repair or refund your product at our discretion. Any problems just email us @ & we'll help you further.

11. How do I care for my dunny buddy® & paperpod®?

We designed & built our products for the great outdoors, so looking after them is easy peasy! Here's some handy hints on how to care for yours:

- Wipe it clean with warm soapy water.

- Avoid placing it under heavy objects.

- Don't leave it sitting in hot sunny conditions over 50ºc.

- Use only as directed. See the 'How it works' instructions for easy use.

12. Where can I buy a dunny buddy® or paperpod® from?

If your looking to get yourself a dunny buddy® or two, a paperpod® or our popular combo set just head over to our Shop Page to buy online or view our list of Stockists.

13. How can I stock the dunny buddy® & paperpod® in my store?

If you love dunny buddy® & paperpod® as much as we do, & would like to stock them in your retail store, just contact us via our Contact Page.

14. Is the dunny buddy® & paperpod® strap removable?

It is indeed! Both can be used with or without the strap. The strap is adjustable via Velcro which also gives you the ability to hang it in a variety of ways. We find that younger kids love using the strap to carry them around, whilst adults don't particularly need it, which is why we leave it up to you to decide.

15. What items will fit in the storage area of my dunny buddy®?

dunny buddy® can hold any item up to approximately 28mm in diameter & 70mm in length. You'll find it handy for storing things like hand sanitizer, tablets, flint or a lighter, tampons, or even a pen torch. The choices are endless. Paperpod® has a similar storage area, what will you keep in there?

16. Can I install my toilet roll 'over & under'?

Ah yes, the never ending debate; over or under? Well with dunny buddy® you can do either. Who are we to judge. In fact, dunny buddy® will even work on its side.

17. What is the best way to use my dunny buddy®?

Everyone has different needs, which is why dunny buddy® can be used in many configurations. Feel free to jump onto our YouTube channel to see it in action or visit our Gallery page.